Prologue to our story

For as long as I can remember I have had this dream. It must have started when I was in grade school. It was always extremely vivid and felt so real. The first time it was just me, wandering through a beautiful thicket of flowers and greenery.

The second time I had the dream there was a boy. He was about my age and he had the deepest purple eyes I had ever seen. This was incredibly strange even for a dream, because where I come from dark eyes simply don’t exist.

And even though I did not know his name, it did not take long for us to become fast friends. I started looking forward to bed time, which I think kinda surprised my mother. I would brush my teeth, hurry to my room and hop right into bed. When I would fall asleep, he would be there waiting for me. Yup…We had some great adventures him and I.

And as I grew older…

So did he…

But something began to change. I started to fall for my dream time companion. I knew it was silly and when I would wake I would always try and remind myself it was just a dream, but even so my feelings for him grew.

My dream time companion quickly became my dream time love, but on my 19th birthday the dreams abruptly stopped. The first night I thought it was just a fluke, but after an entire week with no dream, I knew it was over. College began not to long after and my life took on a total different meaning. My demanding schedule made most of my childhood memories fade like old photographs.

But I will never forget those deep purple eyes.