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Chapter 8 – Finale

WARNING this is a HUGE chapter! XD


Wow! I had never felt so amazing in my whole life! I had conquered my fear and stood up to that evil woman. I decided to use this bought of confidence to its full potential. I got on the phone and made a couple of calls. One to Nilla and the other to Turq. I asked Turq to meet at Skittles Park and Nilla? Well I will get back to that later.


As I walked across those all too familiar teal and purple tiles my heart began to race, and when I saw Turq heading my direction it only got worse. I smiled and waved and walked to meet him. I gave him a warm hug and motioned for him to take a seat on the near by bench.


He sat down and I followed, but I was so nervous it took me a while to actually slide back to a comfortable position. I tapped my fingers nervously on my lap.

“I was surprised to hear from you, seeing its a work day and all.”

“I know, that is kinda what I needed to talk to you about.”


“Yes. I quit my Job today.”

“Whoa. Really?”

“Yes I just couldn’t deal with that beast of a boss one second longer.”

“Well I guess it is all right. We can make due. Come here.”


He leaned in to put his arm around me and I froze. I shook my head and pressed him gently back.

“Wait. There’s more.”

I couldn’t hardly believe what I was doing.


I swallowed hard and to my surprise the words slipped swiftly from my lips.

“Turq. I don’t think I am ready for this.” I could see the look of fear mixed with confusion across his sweet face.

“W-what do you mean Fair?”

“I don’t think this marriage is what…I want anymore.”

I could feel a dead eerie silence all around. It was almost as if all the birds and bustling world had suspended just to make this moment even more intense.


I looked over and saw him sitting there, head dropped in disappointment and sadness. This was so awful! It hurt my heart to see him sitting there like that, and to know I couldn’t possibly help to comfort him. I sat silent for several minutes. Finally Turq broke the silence with one single word.



“You know what? I don’t want to know.”

“Turq I am so sorry.”


“You’re Sorry…Have you been just stringing me a long all this time?”

“No! I Really did love you.”


“Turq things change. I have changed so much and in turn feelings change. It was never my intention to hurt you, I swear.”


“Well intended to or not. You did Fairy. You have hurt me deeper than any one ever has. I can hardly believe this is acutally happening.”

“I loved you with all my heart, but if you don’t feel the same way, well I don’t want to be married to someone who does not want to be married to me.”

As he spoke those final words his voice began to crack.

“Good bye Fairy. I hope you find happiness in your life with out me.”

“Turq wait.” But there was no waiting. He turned around and he was gone.

I sat there alone in my thoughts for a several moments. I really hoped I knew what I was doing. I grabbed my phone and rang up Nilla again. She got me the information I needed, and I quickly went to it. I knew her of all people would be able to get it for me. If she was nosy enough to follow me across 2 cities, I knew she could do this.


As I walked up the steps to Merlot’s home, the butterflys started almost instantly. I reached the front door and I gingerly placed my finger on the doorbell. I could hear the faint chime from the other side of the large glass door, but nobody stirred. I waited about a minute or so and decided to ring it one more time. This time I could hear foot steps. They pounded in my head louder and louder as they reached the door. To my surprise it was a small elderly woman who greeted me.


She opened the door and invited me inside. I could see the resemblance when she smiled. As I entered I looked around seeing if I could find Merlot. I could not.

“Come in dear. Are you a friend of Merlots?”

“Yes Ma’am. I was wondering if he was home?”

“Oh Please call me Clairette, and you are?”

“Oh. My name is Fairy”

“Well I am so sorry Fairy but he is not home right now. This is his late night at work.”


I think she could sense the disappointment because she followed the statement with.

“Would you like to try him at work? I can give you instructions.”

I smiled and nodded. “Yes Clairette that would be lovely.”

She walked over to the small end table, grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down some quite detailed instructions. She began to hand the paper to me and then quickly pulled it back. “Only one condition.”

I paused. “Yes?”

“You must come and see me again sometime soon.”

“Of course.”

She nodded and handed the paper over. I took the paper from her and thanked her as I saw my way out.


I stepped from the cab and began to run toward the security office. As my bare feet hit the wet grass it dawned on me I had forgotten my shoes. Dang! Too late now. I kept on to the guards booth. I stopped a few yards away and slowed my pace to a walk. Probably not a smart idea to run full speed up to a security guard booth in the middle of the night.


I tapped on the glass and the security guard pressed away from his desk and came over to unlock the door. I think he was kinda surprised to see a bare foot woman standing on the other side. I nervously smiled back at him.

“Hi I was wondering if you could get a message to Merlot Pinot Noir for me?”

“Pinot Noir?” he walked over to the computer and quickly typed something in and came back.

“Yes he is on the schedule. Let me call over there.”

He was on the line for several minutes before someone picked up.

“Yes. Can I please speak to Merlot Pinot Noir…..uh huh.  Ok. Thank you.” He placed the phone back in its cradle.


“I am sorry Ma’am Merlot never came in this evening.”

“I see. Well thank you for your time.”

I felt my heart sink even deeper. All that hype and excitement and then nothing. I thanked the guard and called another cab to get me home. Man this was one expensive trip!


I got in the cab, I leaned forward to talk through the grate and gave the cabby my address. I sat back in my seat and I sighed heavily. Maybe this was a mistake. Throwing my life away on a crazy whim. On a person I only really knew from my dreams. Maybe I should just drive home and forget this whole crazy thing. What if I had just ruined my only chance for a happy marriage.

I placed my elbow on the side rest and dropped my chin into my palm. I looked out the window just as we passed a small park area and I recognized it almost instantly.

“Stop the car please!”

The cab pulled to a stop.


I payed the cabby and jumped from the car. I ran as fast as my little bare feet could carry me to that swing. He had to be there! I just knew it. There he would be, waiting at the swing to greet me with open arms.

I have to say I was quite relieved to see not a single trace of weeds. Everything was just as beautiful as it always was.


As I neared the swing I searched with my eyes, no one was there. My over confident buzz had completely dissipated. Reality was sinking back in. You really messed up big on this one Fair.


I took my oh so familiar seat on the swing. I dug my toes into the soft dirt and grass and gently swayed side to side. I closed my eyes and the tears began to flow. Nothing like my nightmare. I let them drop freely like large raindrops.


I was so caught up in my pitty party, I did not even hear as some one came up behind me. All of a sudden I felt the swing stop mid sway.

“Fancy meeting you here.”

I was so startled I jumped from the swing and screamed.


I turned around and to my great relief, I saw those beautiful purple eyes staring back at me from behind the swing. I just started to walk forward as he came to me.

“I’d hoped I might find you here.” I replied, trying to shake the sounds of crying from my voice.

“Well I have to say I am a bit surprised to see you.”


I felt so ashamed for the way I had acted. I dropped my head into my hand. “Merlot, I never should have said those awful things to you. I was a crazy fool. It wasn’t your fault the way things had come to be. There was no way for either of us to know.”

“I know that beautiful.” Whoosh I was set ablaze once again. I had to gather my thoughts.

“Please let me finish.”

He nodded.

“I may have ruined any chance of ever being with you, but I still need to say this. Merlot I love you. I always have, from that moment I saw you standing on my door. I tried to fight it, but it was impossible. I fell in love with you long before and my life never felt right with out you. When the dreams stopped my life became so empty and meaningless, and then I met Turq and he did help to fill the emptiness a little, but it just was not that same. I was in total denial.

I broke it off with Turq today. I just couldn’t keep lying to myself and to him any longer. But if it is too late, you just say the w-”


He stopped me mid sentence, looped his arm around my waist and pulled me in close. I could feel the heat radiating and shivers ran through my body. We stared into each others eyes and time seemed to stand still, then he finally spoke.

“There is nothing in this world that you could possibly do or say that would ever make me stop loving you.”

I could feel the words enter my body and I just knew I was going to melt into a huge puddle right there.


Then the moment I had only been waiting my entire life to experience finally happened. He pulled me even closer and kissed me. It was just as I had always imagined it would be. Nothing was spared. Fireworks! Flames! Electricity. This was what real love felt like, and it felt amazing!

I guess dreams really can come true.

The End


Chapter 7


I had almost fallen a sleep when I heard a loud rustling sound. It almost sounded like dry grass, but that was impossible, seeing I was safe and sound inside my bedroom. I opened my eyes and it was too dark to see much. I reached for my lamp, but all i caught was air. Well this was weird. I sat up from what I thought was bed, only to see it was an old park bench.

I was so completely confused on where I was or how I had gotten there. It took me a few minutes to recognize it.


This just couldn’t be! It was my dream, but it wasn’t. This place was so cold and everything was withered and dead. I had never seen it look this way. It was awful. What in the world had happened here?

I ran for the swing hoping I would find Merlot waiting there. Instead I found the old swing all alone.


I took a few cautious steps closer and could see that weeds scattered the ground and everything had rusted over. Even the little silver statues. I knelt down before one to get a better look, in hopes that maybe the darkness was just playing tricks on me. I ran my hand along the top of the little cherubs head. Coarse just like I was afraid it would be. I could feel the disappointment creeping in.


I started to feel incredibly isolated. If only someone else was near by, maybe they could hear me.

“Hello?” I called out. “Is anybody there!?”

There was no response.

“Merlot? Are you here?”

Only the silence replied.


I dropped my head in despair, only this time there was no one to lay my shoulder upon. I was completely alone.


Unable to wake from the nightmare, I took a seat on the swing. I did not know what else to do. It seemed to be the only thing I could do make the uneasy feeling rolling around in my stomach subside. I wanted to cry, but the tears would not come. Only the stinging feeling right before. Such a horrible feeling with out the release that is supposed to follow.


What had I done? Was this the way my dream would be from now on? Empty, cold and alone. I shuttered at the sheer thought of it. No no it mustn’t be. I couldn’t stand the thought that there could be a possibility every night I may have to return to this horrible place. I screamed into night air.

“What else was I supposed to do!?! Besides its too late now anyways!”


Just then I heard a branch snap off in the near distance. I stood up quickly from my seat.

“Hello?”  I ran in the direction of the sound. I swore I could hear foot steps. I ran faster and faster, but I couldn’t seem to catch up. I followed the noise for a little while. I had hoped I could catch a glimpse of someone, but I never did.

All of a sudden the noises stopped, right in front of a large tree.


At first it seemed like all the other trees in its near vicinity. Old and tired, branches no longer showing any signs of life, but then I noticed nestled in the roots of the trunk a small bushel of beautiful pink and purple flowers. So amazingly vibrant they almost seemed to glow.


Was this a sign? A glimmer of hope. My last chance? As all these questions raced through my mind, I was interrupted by an incredibly loud *BEEEEEEEEP*


It seemed so loud, I nearly jumped right out of my bed. Heading back to reality, I realized it was my first work day of the week. The thought of this did not help the incredibly strange residual dread I was already feeling. I pulled on my robe and went to the kitchen to make some coffee.


As I sat enjoying my coffee, I couldn’t help but think about what Miss Bitters had planned for me. It was almost like a game now. I arrive and begin my daily routine, about 10:30 I get a phone call. She spouts off something(this seems to change from time to time) and I have to go and try and explain myself. I was so tired of this song and dance.

But I couldn’t stall any longer. So I finished my coffee, took a quick shower, got dressed and headed to work.


And as expected I received a phone call actually a little head of schedule. It was almost 10 Am on the spot when my phone rang.


“Uh yes Miss Floss in my office please.”

“Yes. Right away ma’am.”

I hung up the phone and sighed as I stood up from my desk. Here we go again.


I stood outside the beast’s office for several moments before I mustered the courage to enter. You can do this Fairy! I grabbed a hold of the handle and gave a loud knock on the glass.

“Come in.”

The door swung wide and I walked in. It was so silent I could hear the hiss of the door closer as it came shut again.

“You wanted to see me ma’am?”

She stood up from her desk and walked over to me.


“Yes Miss Floss. As of the last few weeks, your performance has been slipping more and more. I am afraid it is to a point, that I can no longer look the other way.”

When had she ever looked the other way?

“You need to seriously reevaluate your priorities here. If I do not see a vast improvement in the coming weeks, I will have no choice but to let you go.”


Oh that was it. This bull was going to stop, right here and right now. I was so angry I could barely see straight.

“Reevaluate my priorities!? OK let me just do that. I HATE THIS JOB!”

The look of contempt fell from her face as the look of shock took its place.

“You are the most insensitive and evil woman I have ever had the misfortunes of meeting. There is no reason to be so incredibly mean and heartless to your employees. There is no wonder why your office has the highest turn over rate in this whole BUILDING!!”

“Young lady you will watch your ton-”


“NO! You are going are going to shut your mouth and listen to me for once. I am done with this job. I am done with you. I will never do a single piece of paperwork for you again. In fact this is the last time you will ever see me. I QUIT!!”

I quickly and confidently turned and walked out. I never felt so liberated in my life.


I paused just outside her door. I couldn’t help but glare at her. I was feeling so incredibly intimidating I decided to take it one step further. I gave her the hairy eyeball stare for several seconds before I grabbed my things from my desk and left the building for the very last time.

Chapter 6

As I stood there with my mother preparing for my fitting, I could not help but think about the previous night. Every time I got to the part with Merlot’s heartfelt confession, my heart would begin to ache. I was hoping Nilla was coming, but she was not even home when I got up this morning. She must have had an early morning at work.

“Ah Yes. Miss Floss come with me.”

The dress was beautiful. My mother looked so happy. I tried to fake a smile, but I just couldn’t keep the facade up very long. My smile began to droop and my mother picked up on it very quickly.

“Whats the matter love?”

“Nothing Mom. I’m fine.”

She looked me over for a second and I could tell she was not buying it.

“Uh, Miss. Truffle could you excuse us for a moment?”

“Of course.”

She quickly left the room.

“Ok really. Whats wrong?”

I drew in a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh. I didn’t even know how to begin. My brain was running in 500 directions. I just felt so confused.

“Mom. Do you think I am making the right choice? DO you think Turq is the right one for me?”

“Awww honey you just have cold feet. This happens to a lot of brides before their weddings.”

“So is that a yes”

“Sweet heart I don’t know the answer to that one. That decision is yours and yours alone. Are you happy?”

I sat down in the little chair provided in the fitting room. I wanted to confess everything. The dreams, my feelings for Merlot, our midnight rendezvous. I could feel the words creeping up in my throat. I swallowed hard hoping they would recess back down.

“I think I am just a little tired. Miss Bitters has been riding me pretty hard lately.”

I hated lying to my mother, but there was just no way she would ever understand. No one would.

I gave her a really big hug and thanked her for being so supportive. She smiled and I could tell she felt very accomplished. She motioned to Miss Truffle and she re-entered the room. She finished the fitting and we parted ways. I wish we could have hung our a little longer, but I acutally had a small lunch date to attend at Turq’s. I started to feel a little better as I headed to his place.

When I arrived at Turq’s I did feel a little more at ease. I gave him a hug and it felt really good. Man it seemed like it has been ages since I had seen him. I rested my chin on his shoulder for a few extra moments.

“Hey there stranger. How are you feeling?”

“Huh? Oh! Much better ya.”

“Thats good. I was kinda worried about you, when you took off that night at the club. I tried to call, but Nilla said you were pretty much passed out.”

“Ya heh. Don’t let me around the juice… its bad news.”

“Well its good to see you. I missed you my sweets.”

He leaned in a little closer. I leaned in as well. I looked into his sweet eyes and all I felt was guilt.

“How about I make us a little lunch!”

I hurried off to the kitchen.

I began preparing my specialty salad and giving myself a little pep talk at the same time. Nothing happened that night. There is no reason for you to feel guilty. You still love Turq. You are still getting married right? Of course.

Once I was finished. I prepared to serve. I could feel the guilt beginning to wash away. I smiled as I brought the plate to the table. Probably the first real smile all day.

We ended up having a very nice meal and a wonderful conversation. It started to remind me of all the wonderful things I loved about Turq. He was really easy to talk to and always very supportive. I decided this would be my chance to tell him how I felt about my job. I dropped my fork to the plate and then I came out with it.

“You know I have been thinking. Once we are married, maybe I could quit my job and be a stay at home wife and maybe someday soon… Mommy.”

“Quit your job? Gosh I don’t know. Are you sure? Maybe you should reconsider. Maybe someday but I don’t think that such a good thing right now.”

I dropped my eyes back to my plate in disappointment.

“Ya, maybe you are right.”

After dinner I had to head out a little early. I had work in the morning and as much as I did not want to go. I really did not have a choice. I kissed Turq goodnight and headed home.

As I walked down the steps I did start to feel a little better. See I told myself, everything was going to be just fine.

When I got home I found Nilla on the couch, but there was something different about her. I called out to her.

“Hey Nill! I’m home.”


“Nill? Everything OK?

She finally looked my direction and got up off the couch.

“Have you completely lost your mind?!”

Wow. What the heck had gotten into her?

“What do you mean?”

“Fairy don’t play dumb with me. I know what happened last night.”

I froze.

“How could you possibly know about that?”
“Well when you snuck out of the house with out saying I word. I got a little concerned. I just wanted to make sure you were ok. Then when I saw you get into Merlot’s car. I couldn’t hardly believe my eyes.”

“You followed us?”

“Not one of my shining moments I know, but its a good thing I did. Now I can tell Turq. Fairy what on earth were you thinking? You’re getting married in a week!”

I was horrified. I could feel my salad beginning to make its decent back up.

“Its not what you think I swear.”

She stared at me with those disproving yellow green eyes.

The last thing I wanted to do was cry for the third time in two days, but I couldn’t help it. Now my best friend was angry at me. I felt completely alone.

“I don’t know what I was thinking!! I am just so confused right now! Please don’t tell Turq!”

“Oh jeez Fair. Don’t cry… I didn’t mean it honest. I guess I was just a little jealous.”

*Uncontrollable sobbing*

“I just don’t get it. I thought you loved Turq?”

“I do! Turq is a good man. He is always supportive and understanding!”

“Ya thats great and all, but are you in love with him?”

I started crying all over again.

She pulled me in and I cried and cried.

“Well you better figure it out quick, or its gonna be too late.”

“I know.”
“Well…What ever you decide. I will be here for you ok?”

When I headed to the bedroom, I never felt so exhausted in my whole life. And as I closed my eyes I hoped that maybe I would have the answer when I awoke.

Chapter 5

*Knock Knock Knock*

“Hey! Are you alive in there? I am about to send in the coroners.”

Guh. I shuffled in my bed and opened my eyes just a sliver to let some light in. Bright! Too bright! After they adjusted, I rolled over and looked at the clock. 3:30…Oh man I must have passed out. I tried to get out of bed.

Ughhhh no. Head started pounding the moment I went to stand. I decided I better reply so poor Nilla wasn’t worried about me anymore.

“Ya. I’m here.”

“Oh good. Turq called and he sai-“

Turq! Oh my god, I was supposed to meet him for lunch today! I had completely forgotten. I gotta get over as soon as possible.

I changed my clothes probably faster than I ever had before in my life and ran out of my room.

I shot out of the bedroom door like a pink blur and was almost halfway down the stairs in less than 20 seconds. I could hear Nilla calling behind me.

“Hey! Wait!.”

No time! Poor Turq was waiting, and I hated being late for anything. I called back to her in hurried tone.

“Sorry Nill, I will be back later!”

As I walked up the steps to Turqs place, it wasn’t Turq who caught my attention. It was Merlot, working out in the front room. Are you kidding me? I paused at the top of the steps debating whether I should just leave now or try and find Turq.

I decided I would just slip in and if he was not there, I would leave him a little note and be on my way.

I walked in the front door and as it shut, it slammed with a loud thud. I cringed. Merlot turned back and when he saw me, he clicked off the TV.

When it finally registered who I was, he walked over to me and I my heart began to pound.

“Well hello there lovely lady.”
“H-ello. Turq around anywhere? We were supposed to meet for lunch, but I…”
“Nah he called over to your place and your room mate said you were dead to the world. So he ran out for some errands and was gonna let you sleep.”

“Oh I see.”

But I did not see at all. In fact I honestly was not even paying attention. I couldn’t help but gawk at the incredibly sexy man who was standing before me. His work outs worked out well for him, I can tell you that. When I finally realized how incredibly rude I was being and by this point completely embarrassed, I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks.

“Ok, you should leave him a littl- I mean, I should leave him a little note.”

This was terrible! I could not even make out a coherent statement anymore! Luckily he understood where I was going with my complete slaughter of a perfectly good sentence and nodded.


He said with a smile. He had such an amazing smile.


I walked over to the desk.

I leaned in and pulled the drawer open, I quickly located the small note pad with the monogram T at the top left corner. I made it short and sweet, because I really needed to get the heck out of here.

I could feel his eyes on me from behind as I jotted down my note.

Hey Babe, Came by to see you. Looks like you were out. Sorry about lunch.
Love you!


As i stood back up, Merlot was much closer to me than I had anticipated. It kinda startled me. His deep purples eyes staring into my soul behind those black rimmed glasses. I had to remind myself to breathe.

“Hey I was thinking about something today.”
“Oh ya?”
“Ya there is something I really need to talk to you about, in fact there is something I really want you to see.”

I didn’t know quite what to say.

“I don’t know if that is such a good idea.”
“Please. Just let me show you this one thing and then I will leave you alone for the rest of your life, I promise.”

I didn’t want that at all, but at the same time I knew it had to be so.


So later that night after a nice conversation with Turq. I met Merlot at the little store around the corner. I got into his car and he began to drive. I didn’t say much. I did not really know what I should say. What the heck I was even doing here in the first place.

I guess he could feel the awkward silence and turned on the radio. I did not recognize the song really, but I bopped my head to the music anyways.

The drive seemed like an eternity. We were about two towns away in Sugar Blossom Hills when he pulled the car over to the side of the road. I peered out the window. It looked like just a small little park area.

“Uhhh.Are we here?”

We got out of the car and he came over to me.

“Now I need you to close your eyes.”

I kinda laughed as he covered my eyes with his hand and slowly guided me along. I could feel the grass crunching beneath my shoes. We could not have gone too far and we stopped. He still had my eyes covered when he said.

“Ok. You ready?”

He released his hand from my face and I when my eyes adjusted, I gasped. This was so unbelievable! A huge smile grew across my face as I took in my surroundings. This was truly amazing.

It was the swing! From our dream!

“H-ow on earth did you find this place.”
“Kinda stumbled upon it a long time ago. I thought it was only fair that you get to see it.”
“Oh its so beautiful.”
“Yes it is.”

He turned towards me and walked a little closer. I tried to keep my eyes low. Even in the dark of the night, I could still see those deep purple eyes, only now they were so dark they were more like deep onyx pools.

He grabbed a hold my hand as he began to speak. His voice was very serious.

“I’m leaving tomorrow.”
“But Turq said you were staying all week.”
“Ya, I was. But some times things change. You were right you know.”
“I do need to go back to where I came from.”
“I didn’t mean it like that.”

Before I had a chance to finish he pulled me a little closer and held my face in his hands.

“I need to say something. I am not usually the mushy stuff kinda guy, but just listen. Ok?”

I was frozen to that very spot.


He took a deep breath and continued.

“Fairy, I love you. I know you must think I am crazy but I do. I know the timing sucks, and if I had known you were acutally out there, I would have started looking for you years ago.”

My whole body was on fire.

“But Turq found you first and he is my best friend, and all I want is for both of you to be happy. I know what i must do, but I just had to tell you.”

I tried to speak, but nothing came out. I could feel the stinging of the tears as they begin to fill my eyes. Finally in a voice no louder than I a whisper I managed to say.

“I’m so sorry.”

I pulled him into a hug and as I did so, I could not hold back any longer. I buried my face into his shoulder and I began to cry. Why was life so unfair. How could I love one person, but at the same time be in love with someone else. That is not how this is supposed to work!

He stroked my hair and tried to soothe me.

“It’s gonna be ok.”

I couldn’t see how it possibly would be, but I did not say a word. As we held in our embrace, I felt something warm trickle down my neck. I squeezed him tighter.

What in the world was I supposed to do now…

Chapter 4

Now I won’t be doing this for the entire story, but I really thought it would work well with this first part of the story. So with out further ado. Here is Merlot’s take on the encounter.

2 Months earlier

“Yes! I don’t even know why you try. There is no way to beat me Hah!”

“Ya ya, whatever.”

Nothing like hangin at my bros house and then spankin him in a little fooseball. I always enjoy my little visits to Turq’s place. He has been my best bud since we were seniors in high school. God, we were such nerds back then.

Didn’t get to see him much after he went to college. So we kinda made it our tradition to meet up on a free weekend now and again to hang out and watch what ever local sports were on TV.

Although as of late he had been harder to get a hold of. His new fiance had pretty much eaten up all of his time. That why this weekend was especially poignant. Kind of our last hurrah till after the wedding. Now I’m not really a wedding kinda guy and lucky for me Turq gets thats.

So we were just about to sit down to watch some footy on the tube and I noticed a picture on the bookcase. I walked closer to get a better look. This must be the future Mrs. Bubbleyum. I have to admit she was quite striking. She kinda looked like…

Whoa! No Way! Couldn’t possibly be the sam-

“Thats Fairy my fiance. Isn’t she gorgeous.”

“Uhhhh, ya shes nice.”

Either I was trippin or that girl looked just like this girl that I use to dream about. I shook that thought out of my head with a laugh. pffff Impossible.

“Ya its a shame you aren’t coming to the wedding, I really wanted you to meet her.”

“I’m sure I will meet her someday right?”

“Of course”

We sat down to watch the game, but out of the corner of my eye I could still see that picture. It took all my effort to keep my attention on the game. I have to meet this girl. Just to see for myself. If for no other reason than to put this crazy notion out of my head once and for all.

I started thinking of some way I could possibly set this meeting up, but I kept drawing a blank. Come on Lo! Think! Before I got to far I was interrupted by Turq.

“So I was thinking. Since I know there is no way I am gonna get you to come to the wedding. Maybe you could come out a couple weekends before and I could introduce you to Fairy. She has this really sweet room mate, maybe we could set up a double date.”


“Ya, Sounds fun.”

That Fateful Night Two Months Later

As i got ready to head out, I could feel the knots tying up in my stomach. Why was I so nervous? This was purely a reconnaissance mission. I dabbed on a little cologne and was on my way.

As I got closer to the apartment, the knots started in again. It would have been really easy to just turn the car around and go home. I contemplated it for a few moments and then decided. No I needed to do this. Prove it to myself that there was no possible way a dream girl could acutally exist.

I parked the car and turned off the ignition. Well here goes nothing.

I headed up the stairs and it felt like I had 50 pound weights in my shoes. I finally reached the top of the stairs and up the door with the 27 on it. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

I was kind of relieved when Turq answered. Now I just had to wait. It did not take long and she entered the living room.

That first moment I caught a glimpse of her, my breath caught in my throat. It WAS her. I don’t how it could be, but there she was, clear as day. God she was beautiful.

“Merlot this is Fairy.”

“Uh, Hi”

Uh Hi?!?! Thats all you can say?!?! Ya real smooth dude…

I did manage to make it through dinner with out sounding like a total Jack a** though. Made for good conversation and I think Vanilla was quite interested in more than my table manners, if you know what I mean.\

After dinner we took our conversation outside. I was trying my darnedest to just get a minute to talk to Fairy alone, but Vanilla was practically glued to my hip the whole time. This was impossible!

Things were lookin quite bleek, but I still had a chance. We were headed to the club. If I could just get her alone for a couple seconds I could ask her a couple things, thats all i wanted. I am not sure if it was my imagination, but I swear she was avoiding me. She spent the entire night at the stupid bar.

While the three of us were rockin on the dance floor I decided I better just do this quick! Vanilla and Turq were totally into their crazy dance moves, so I decided to make a run for it.

I walked up behind her and for a moment I had no idea what to say. So I went the first thing to come to my mind.

“So are we just gonna pretend like we don’t recognize each other? Or are we gonna talk about this.”
“I was kinda hopin we could just pretend.”

So she does see it! This was crazier than a Sci-Fi fantasy!

She tried to get up and leave and before I even thought about it, I grabbed her hand. What the hell was I doing?!

“Will you please just talk to me?”

She paused for a second and she turned back towards me. I was completely blown away by her incredible beauty. Just like I remembered her. My dream angel. So badly I wanted to kiss her.

It was in that moment I realized what exactly I was doing. Yup, I had completely lost my mind.

She seemed so angry and hurt at the same time. Part of me was saying You need to back off of Turq’s woman! while the other part was screaming Kiss her you fool!

Before I had a chance to do either she made the decision for me.

“We can’t meet like this again. You need to go back to where ever you came from. You left me once and if you really care for me, you will do it again.”


I tried to follow her outside, but she quickly hopped in a cab and sped away. Those words were like a knife through the heart. As I stood outside the club, I asked myself. Well what the heck did you expect to happen?

Stupid Stupid!

Chapter 3

“Could you excuse me for just a minute?”

Oh no no no! This can’t even be possible!! Those were just dreams. He can’t be real. Maybe it isn’t him. Maybe my mind is just playin tricks on me. I’ll just walk back out there and really get a good look. Ya. Then I will see. He couldn’t possibly be the same guy.

Those eyes…Those are HIS eyes! Oh how is this even possible?!?! I think I am going to be sick.

Ok, I need to get a hold on myself. He is Turq’s friend. That is all. TURQ your fiance, remember? The guy you are supposed to marry? All of a sudden it was as if someone had sucked all the air out of my chest.

I need some fresh air!

We did finally make it to dinner. This little place called the Caramello Cafe. I couldn’t help but study our new dinner partner. I am praying that Turq didn’t notice, but I just couldn’t help myself. It was like running into a long lost friend who has no idea who you are. Isn’t my life complicated enough? Now we have to throw this little gem into the mix?

And now it would seem that Nilla is acutally interested in him?!? Well how could she not? He is absolutely gorgeous. The man of my dreams. Literally… Look at how she is so into what he is saying.

Just as my mind began to wander Turq leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Things are going well. I think they like each other.”

I could feel the anger rising up. Am I acutally jealous? Nilla is my best friend. Its not like she knows I use to dream about this guy almost every night.

So why do I feel so betrayed?
I wanted to jump across the table and pull her hair out. This is so ridiculous! Its not the same guy! Come on girl get a grip on yourself. He might look like him. But its not!

Finally I composed myself. I almost lost my salad as I replied.

“Ya, they look really cute together”

After dinner while we were outside the restaurant. I couldn’t help but glare as Nilla was putting on the charm. I wanted to scream out. He’s Mine! Ahhhhh! I gotta do something to get my mind onto something else.

“You know. I could really go for a drink right now.”

Turq thought my idea was great and he had heard about this new club just on the other side of town. Clubs really aren’t my thing, but I couldn’t possibly leave and let Nilla and Merlot be alone could I?

It wasn’t to far from the cafe so we decided to walk there. For the entire walk I did my best to keep my attention on Turq. Lets just say that did not work out to well for me.

As soon as we got to the club, I could hear the drum and bass booming through the doors. Merlot, Nilla and Turq quickly hit the dance floor. They tried to get me to go, but I made up some dumb excuse about being thirsty and went to grab drink.

I sat down at the bar and I ordered the fruitiest Juice on the menu. Normally I never drink juice, but for some reason it sounded really good. Wow it was a good! Before I had realized it I had about 5. Things started to get a little fuzzy. I turned my attention back to the dance floor, I could see Turq and Nilla, but someone was missing.

“So are we just gonna pretend like we don’t recognize each other? Or are we gonna talk about this.”

My whole body froze. The juice started talkin for me.

“I was kinda hopin we could just pretend.”

I tried to get up and walk away.

He grabbed my hand. The moment our hands touched, there was this fiery electricity all through my body. No no! This is bad.

“Will you please just talk to me?”

I stopped and turned back around.

“Ok. What do you suggest we talk about? Hey I know you from my dreams. Where in the world have you been all my life?”
“Fairy, I’m serious.”

Omg, when he says my name, that fiery rush happens all over again.

*Sigh* “Yes I recognize you. How could I not. We only spent almost our entire childhoods together. But why now?”
“Why did you wait so long. God. I have only been waiting my entire life for you to show up, and NOW 2 weeks before my wedding…Here you are!”
“Its not like a did it on purpose.”
“I know.”

I stepped a little closer. The smell of his cologne was intoxicating. I wanted nothing more than to brush his cheek with my hand. Then a little voice in my head piped up. You need to do something about this before it is too late! I stepped back.

“I need to go.”
“We can’t meet like this again. You need to go back to where ever you came from. You left me once  and if you really care for me, you will do it again.”

As I heard the words escaped my mouth, I could feel my heart breaking. The tears began to well up in my eyes. I had to get out of there before he saw me cry. It took all of my energy to keep my composure and say.

“I must be going now. Good night.”

On the cab ride home, the scene kept replaying in my head over and over like a bad movie. I can’t believe I could be so mean, but what else could I do?!
This is is the way it has to be. There is no other way.

Blech. Another day begins as another dreamless night ends. Sure I still have dreams, but they don’t seem to mean as much anymore. I can’t believe a grown woman like myself could still be so obsessed with her dreams. Seriously Floss you need to grow up! Your gonna be a married woman soon and who knows the babies will probably not be too far behind.

Marriage? Babies? Why do these words make me so nervous? I should be excited! I am marrying a wonderful man and isn’t that what happens next? First comes love, then comes marriage, than comes Fairy with a baby carriage. ughhh… Ok that song did not help.

*YAWN* I really need to wake up. Turq is gonna be by this afternoon. I think we have a double date tonight. Well we are supposed to. I kinda sorta forgot to tell Nilla about it. I’m sure she wont mind. What else is she gonna do?

Oh man she is gonna kill me! Oh well she loves me! She will get over it. Who knows maybe he will be drop dead gorgeous and she falls madly in love with him! haha!

Ok. Time to spring the news on Miss Muffin. I’ll just say hey! Double date, you, me, Turq, some guy, lets go! Ya that will work just fine.

“uhhhhh Hey girl hows it goin today?”

“Fine. Just veggin out. Why?”

“Well I was kinda wondering if you were busy tonight?”


“You see Turq’s friend is coming into town for like a week an-“

*Sigh* “How did I know this is where this was going.”

“Oh, Come on Nill Pleaaaaase? It might be the best night of your life”

*Hmmpf* “Only because I love you and would do anything for you, am I doing this.”


“You owe me though, and I am not dressing up.”


So Turq came by a couple hours later. I thought his friend was supposed to be with him, but he was alone. I know Nilla was happy for that. I think she was hoping he would not show at all.

“So where is your friend?”

“Oh hes on his way. The ride in took a little longer than planned. He is supposed to call me when he gets a little closer, so I can give him the directions.”


“So your gonna go with us Vanilla? I know Merlot will be happy he doesn’t have to be the third wheel.”

“Do I really have a choice?”
*Ahem* “eheheh”

*RING RING* “I bet thats him now”


While Turq was on the phone, I took a little time to gussy up. I promised Nilla it was going to be casual, so nothing fancy, but I did want to touch up my make up and that just a little bit.

About 45 minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

Turq let him in and I quickly entered to introduce myself. I knew a little about him before hand, like he was an old college buddy and… I guess that is about it. Hmm maybe I didn’t know as much as I thought I did.

Ohhh, my Nilla is in luck tonight. This guy is quite handsome. In fact there is something about him that seems so…familiar.

“Merlot this is Fairy.”

“Uh, Hi”

“Fairy. Merlot.”


Its been almost ten years since I had that final magical dream. Now when I wake, I no longer have that sense of fulfillment like I once had. You know that split second between asleep and awake? Now it seems so empty. *Sigh* Well I am almost 30, I can’t wallow in lost childhood fantasies forever. I have to admit life is nothing like expected it would be.

After college I got a big corporate job and even met a man. Turq is a really great guy. I mean what more could a girl ask for. He is understanding and kind and I know he would always be there for me. Stable and true. Its not the burning firey passionate romance like the movies portray, but I guess we cant really take life lessons from movies and novels can we?

I wish my father had mentioned how cut throat this industry was… No instead he spouted only the great benefits. If he had I may have decided on something a little less…stressful, but since he failed to do so, it was not until my Junior year in college that I became very aware of the evils of the corporate world. Sadly for me it was too late by then.

The only person in my life at that time to help me keep my sanity was my best friend and confidant Vanilla-Mango. We met sophomore year and became room mates not to long after. Even after graduation we decided who better to room with than with each other. I have to say it was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. I have a tendency to be a bit of a fuddy-duddy. In fact she use to tease me by calling me Miss Stick…short for Stick in the mud? Well anyways Nilla was my fun-dometer. If I spent too many hours studying, she would swoop in and save me with a little R&R.

But not even one of her fun excursions could save me from this…

“What is that?”
“Huh? Oh its an email from the evil one herself”


“Oh boy what does she have to say this time?”


“Dear Miss Fairy Floss, I regret to inform you that your last file report was never received. The file was due no later than Wednesday. Seeing this is now Friday and I still have no report. I am afraid disciplinary actions must be taken. Please drop by my office. We need to have a little chat.”Sincerely,

Victoria Bitters


“Oh Man that does not sound good! Did you forget to hand it in again?”


“Ughhh no way!I made sure to send it to her Tuesday night before I left the office. She just hates me.”


“I don’t think she hates you…”


“Oh no, she really does. Gah!! She always does this. Why didn’t she mention this to me on Wednesday ,when i could have done something about it?”


“Ya, seems kinda suspicious to me. Maybe you should ask her that at your meeting today.”


“You know as well as I do no one asks The Bitters Questions. Well I better get going, I wouldn’t want to be late for my oh so constructive tongue lashing.”


“Good Luck!”


I never thought it would be possible to hate a building…an inanimate object. Well it is. Every time I walk up to the front door of my office, I just wanna run the opposite direction. I have used up almost all of my sick time and I am starting to get to the point where I just don’t care anymore. This job truly sucks. If I got fired, I think it would be a blessing.

I don’t think that will ever happen though. I get the feeling The Bitters get a thrill out of making my life miserable. Oh crap! My meeting! I am gonna be late.

Miss Bitters. Probably the most evil and unhappy woman who has ever walked this planet. Rumor has it she was once married, no one knows exactly what happened to Mr. Bitters, but I think she probably chopped him up into a million pieces and ate him and then washed him down with the tears of one of her former drones. Yup she is that evil.

“You’re Late”
“I’m s-s-s-orry”
“I was expecting to see that report Wednesday. Where is it? hmmmm?”
“I put it on your desk Tuesday night before I left.”
“Well thats funny I don’t see it in my inbox. You know what i think? I think you forgot.”
“No Ma’am. I made sure it was sent out well before it was due.”

“Don’t you no ma’am me!I am your superior and you WILL NOT argue back to me!”

God is this woman for real?

“I want to see that report on my desk in one hour! One hour! Now, GET OUT!”

I seriously wanted to do leave that office and never return. When I got to back to my desk. I don’t think I had even gotten seated back in my chair when the in office phone rang.

“Yes, Miss Floss it seems I have found your report. That is all.”



Ahhhh. Finally the only part of my work day I look forward too. My nice long and hot serenity inducing bubble bath. It seems to be just the trick to melt away that evil evil place from my being. Maybe I will just quit. I can tell Turq I wanna be a stay at home wife. The wedding is soon. I’m sure he would understand. After the day I had I don’t think anything I say could make things possibly any worse.

Prologue to our story

For as long as I can remember I have had this dream. It must have started when I was in grade school. It was always extremely vivid and felt so real. The first time it was just me, wandering through a beautiful thicket of flowers and greenery.

The second time I had the dream there was a boy. He was about my age and he had the deepest purple eyes I had ever seen. This was incredibly strange even for a dream, because where I come from dark eyes simply don’t exist.

And even though I did not know his name, it did not take long for us to become fast friends. I started looking forward to bed time, which I think kinda surprised my mother. I would brush my teeth, hurry to my room and hop right into bed. When I would fall asleep, he would be there waiting for me. Yup…We had some great adventures him and I.

And as I grew older…

So did he…

But something began to change. I started to fall for my dream time companion. I knew it was silly and when I would wake I would always try and remind myself it was just a dream, but even so my feelings for him grew.

My dream time companion quickly became my dream time love, but on my 19th birthday the dreams abruptly stopped. The first night I thought it was just a fluke, but after an entire week with no dream, I knew it was over. College began not to long after and my life took on a total different meaning. My demanding schedule made most of my childhood memories fade like old photographs.

But I will never forget those deep purple eyes.